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My promo code or voucher doesn't workUpdated 7 months ago

In most cases when a promotion code does not work, your order does not comply to the rules of the promotion. Please check the following:

  • Has the promotion reached its end-date?
  • Is the promotion valid in South Africa?
  • Does your order meet the minimum order value for the promotion? (usually R500.00 or more)
  • If the promotion is aimed at specific products, did you add them to your order?
  • In case the promotional code is personal or limited in use: have you already used this promotion code?
  • Please note that promotional codes or vouchers may not be used in conjunction with any other promotion ("stacking"). i.e. if the order or product qualifies for any promotion, you may not apply any other promotion or voucher to the purchase for further discount or special offers.

If none of these apply to your code, then please contact our customer service team.

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